Dr. Fankhauser (Dentist)

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For 30 years now, Geri Fankhauser has run an independent dental practice in the city of Zurich. Having studied dentistry at the University of Zurich, he wrote his doctoral thesis on the subject of crowns and bridges. As a member of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO) and the Zahnärztegesellschaft des Kantons Zürich (Dental Association of the Canton of Zurich), he is committed to providing high-quality treatment at fair, transparent prices.

Professional philosophy

“How would I treat my own family? What form of treatment would I choose for myself?” These are the questions I ask myself before treating any patient. In this way, I can be sure of making the optimum recommendation in each and every case. My aim is to provide my patients with excellent and absolutely painless treatment. For me, this is the basis of a doctor-patient relationship that is founded on mutual trust and respect.

Unnecessary “over-treatment” is regrettably becoming more and more common nowadays, with numerous business-orientated dentistry chains seeking to dominate the tooth replacement market with supposedly cut-price offers. Unfortunately, very few patients are experts in dentistry and so cannot judge whether or not a replacement (a crown, a bridge or an implant, for example) is actually necessary. In fact, this is often quite simply not the case; in many instances, it makes more sense – and is certainly far cheaper - to renew an existing filling than to replace a whole tooth with a “cut-price” crown, quite apart from the additional inconvenience and discomfort involved in such a “gold-plated” solution. Where dental treatment is concerned, “the most expensive” does not always mean “the best”.
On-line price comparisons

Choosing a dentist is not like buying a standard industrial product like an iPod, a computer or a set of car tyres, where it can certainly make sense to compare prices. On the contrary, dentists create individually designed and hand-made “products” whose quality and durability depend on the technical skill of the individual practitioner and the amount of time he invests. “No two cases are ever quite the same”, and any potential patient should be wary of a dentist who quotes an off-the-shelf price without ever having seen the individual case concerned.  
We work in collaboration with the renowned Dentartis dental laboratory in Kilchberg (Zurich), which is well known for the outstanding quality of its work. For the treatment of straightforward cases, Dentartis has also recently launched an economy range of products under the name “Zahnersatzsparen”. Our dental equipment and materials are supplied by the ISO-certified firm of ABC Dental. We pride ourselves on the fact that all the products used in the treatment of our patients are supplied by Swiss companies.