Dental hygiene

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Be sure to give your teeth the attention they deserve!

Professional dental care by our two dental hygienists, Aniko Voelgi and Mara Bovo, makes a vital contribution to the health of your teeth – and will guarantee you a smile to be proud of.

Quite apart from the aesthetic benefits, regular appointments with a dental hygienist are an important element in a holistic approach to preventive health care, allowing the early x-ray detection of tooth decay, the removal of scale and the maintenance of healthy gums (periodontosis prevention) by professional cleaning.

An appointment with a dental hygienist has a valuable preventive function, since the early diagnosis of problems such as tooth decay or inflammation of the gums can eliminate the need for costly dental procedures later on. In particular, the onset of chronic periodontosis can be halted in this way. Moreover, regular visits to a dental hygienist can prevent the development of rheumatic and heart disease as a result of tooth socket disease.

Our dental hygienists will be happy to advise you and work out an optimum oral hygiene regime that is individually tailored to your needs – personal guidelines that our patients often ask for when faced with the overwhelming choice of dental care products on the market. They can also give you tips on diet and care that will help to keep your teeth in perfect condition.

We want your teeth to give you pleasure - throughout your entire life!